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Easy evaluation

Professional application easy and understandable for everyone. Support of start lists, list of results, certificates ..


No installation needed. Can run on any device (PC, tablet, cell phone)

Free to Use

Without functional restrictions for small championships (up to 50 dances)!

Lots of functionalities

Tons of extensions and active development

Manage your own championships

Create your own championships. Set judging criterias and ...

Manage championships

let the judges do their scoring


The registration portal

Present yourself and your championships in the dance community.

Registration portal

Give your dancers and schools an easy listing of their registered dances, dancers and the uploaded music.


And after the championship, you can offer statistics and ranks to your dancers and schools.


Discover what PEA can do for you

You can find written documentation here to get started right away.

Or you can watch our videos about the scoring system on the YouTube channel as well.

PEA Professional Evaluation Videos


Due to Corona, the evaluation system can be used free of charge in 2021 without functional restrictions.

From 2022 the price is 2 euros per dance and championship.

No further costs

A little bit about our history

As a result of digitization, one of the largest international dance sport associations has had the requirement for the creation of a professional evaluation system since 2010. In order to establish the paperless age in the dance scene, a digital system was developed. In addition to the advantages for the jurors, there was also a requirement to be able to quickly evaluate the dances. After several years of successful use and further development of the application, a professional evaluation system with many setting options and easy handling has emerged.

Despite the diversity of the program, there are already further implementation ideas for the future, in order to always stay up to date.

We new friends!

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